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Postby GURUBRUTE » Tue Oct 29, 2019 8:04 am

To your attention I present the complex multitasking Brut/Checker

This complex works on OS:
- Windows
- Linux/Debian
- Routers
Management via Web Admin panel
The functionality of the complex Brutus and Checker:

* Magento-Brute/Cheker
* Wordpress-Brute/Cheker
* Drupal-Brute/Cheker
* Joomla-Brute/Cheker
* Opencart-Brute/Cheker
* Bitrix-Brute/Cheker
* Cpanel-Brute/Cheker
* WHM-Brute/Cheker
* PhpMyAdmin - Brute/Cheker
* Htpassword - Brute/Cheker
* Ftp-Brute/Cheker
* Ssh-Brute
* Mysql-Brute
* Postgresql-Brute
* Woocommerce-Brute
* Adminfinder-Cheker
* Upload shell auto-Wordpress
* Jabber bot

For this product, you can get a license worth$ 600 Lite version (one-time)
- The cost will include the installation of the admin panel on the server
- Kryptovanyy build in the form of EXE Lite version (not included build for Linux and Routers)
- Free support consultations on task launch and complex management

Server rental is provided by our reliable partner for $ 100 per month

Authorization page -
The Projects page -
Creating Projects -
Project page -
Employee panel -

To purchase this software, contact the contacts:
Telegram - @gurubrut
Jabber -
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